Which country has world’s longest train track?


There is no shortage of luxurious trains in the world that passes through very beautiful places, but in Pakistan it can not be considered a romantic way of travel.

Now the problem of trains delay is not much but the scenes that look outside here are not too glamorous or they pass faster.

But do you know that in the world, the country’s longest journey to a passenger train, which requires a week to reach the destination of your departure?

Russia’s Trans Cyberen railway is a single train line that passes across Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Together from Moscow to Vladivostok Vancouver, this train travels 6 thousand 152 miles, and it further goes beyond some places in Europe and Asia.

The world’s longest airline was introduced last year, but Trans Cyberen railway is working from 1916.

Anyone who travels or gets part of it, knows that the train travels slowly, but from where it passes to see places.

And yes, since this place also stops place, it is very easy to locate the rural places of Russia where shopping can be made.

And if you take a full walk, it takes 144 hours or a total of 6 days, and it’s time to travel from Russia to Russia, traveling longer to the Bolivian valley, and this train goes to Beijing.

There are also the longest railway services for the freight in the world by removing it, but for travelers it is the world’s longest train journey.

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