What will Mourinho do with Pochettino’s son?


Maurizio Pochettino is 18 years old and militates in the Tottenham subsidiary. He also played in the Southampton quarry when his father trained. The Portuguese will decide on his future. The arrival of José Mourinho at Tottenham can have a series of consequences that affect the players of the first team in order to turn around the bad season the Spurs were having until now. People who were previously incumbents and who now may not be, signings that may come to reinforce certain positions that would impede those who were already there or sales of footballers with those who do not count make players not very sure of what they will hold The future in the short term.

However, there is one person in the subsidiary who could be more worried than the rest. His name is Maurizio Pochettino, son of Mauricio Pochettino, the technician who Mourinho comes to replace. The extreme, born in Barcelona and with the Argentine nationality in addition to the Spanish, is 18 years old, plays as an extreme (usually in the right wing) and plays in the U23 team.

He arrived in 2015 from the Southampton quarry thanks to the recommendation of his father, who had precisely trained Southampton before leaving to train in London. Maurizio is not the star of his team, and of the eight games he has played so far in Premier League 2 , EFL Trophy or Youth League , he has always started from the bench. In theyouth Champions League he managed to give two assists in the 9-2 goal against the Red Star , but his records have not grown beyond that match.

After signing, the Portuguese coach said the following about the men he was going to be in charge of: “The quality of the squad and the quarry excites me. Working with these players is what attracted me.”  It is difficult to think that the player will have more chances to succeed in the first team than he had with his father and perhaps it is time to consider his future. The problem is that his contract expires in the summer of 2022, so there is much left for him to go free. We will have to see if Pochettino will find him again. Father finds a new destiny to triumph there.


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