This is how Juve will solve Cristiano’s movement


Cristiano Ronaldo to Mauricio Sarri in the last game of the Serie A with Milan, angry after being traded to the beginning of the second half and leaving the stadium without ending the match, remains the main topic of conversation and media in Italy.

The Gazzetta dello Sport, in a confidential, gives the keys of how Juventus wants to calm the waters without making much noise and without disrupting the good order and atmosphere that reigns in the team this season, which has only been altered by the moody exits from the field of the Portuguese star.

Juve celebrated Sunday night the important victory against Milan, key to keep the interesting pulse with Inter in the standings. But that did not hide the latent problem that caused the change of Cristiano , key in the end in the 1-0 victory, since the goal of the victory was scored by Paulo Dybala, who jumped into the grass by the former Real Madrid player.

Juve will solve it as Andrea Agnelli usually does. Without lights or cameras and following the line that Sarri marked after the meeting: “If he left before the field he will have to solve it with his teammates,” said the Italian coach then.

The Turin club will not fine Cristiano or want to generate a case of Cristiano Ronaldo’s move, even if he is not the first. But it will summon you to an informal meeting with Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratic and in which they will try to convince you that these attitudes do not help the team. According to La Gazzetta, Nedved himself already contacted Jorge Mendes , the player’s representative, on Sunday night to talk about it.


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