Username, E-mail Search and Investigation


1Beginners Guide to perform Username, E-mail Search and Investigation

In this article we’ll discuss how to perform Username, E-mail Search and Investigation.

You can check specific usernames to see where they are being used (e.g., social media sites) or to know whether a particular username really exists.

  1. Check User Name : Check the use of a specific username on 160 social networks. This is useful to discover target social media accounts to see if they are using the same username on multiple platforms.
  2. Namechk : Check to see whether a specified username is used for major domain names and social media sites.
  3. Namecheckr : Check a domain and social username availability across multiple networks.
  4. User Search : Scan 45 popular social media websites.

Free services can help you to locate people according to their associated e-mail address. E-mail validation services check whether an e-mail address exists and gives other detailed technical information about it.

  1. E-mail Dossier : This site gives detailed technical validation reports about e-mails.
  2. Emailhippo : Free Email address verification service.
  3. Hunter : This website offers free Email address verification service/100 email per month.
  4. E-mail Checker : You can use this site to verify whether an e-mail address is real.
  5. Mail Tester : This site offers e-mail address verification.
  6. Byte Plant E-mail Validator : You can validate e-mail addresses in bulk.
  7. E-mail Format : Find the e-mail address formats in use at thousands of companies.
  8. E-mail Permutator+ : This is a free e-mail permutator service.
  9. com: Provide e-mail address patterns for more than 1,000 companies.
  10. Scam Dex : This is a huge archive of scam e-mails.
  11. E-mail Header Analysis : Get detailed technical information extracted from e-mail headers. This includes the sender IP address, e-mail, and sender ISP in addition to geographical information. To use this service, you need to copy the e-mail header and paste it into the E-mail Header Analysis engine and click “Submit header for analysis.” See the following note to learn how to extract the Gmail message header.

Follow these steps to extract e-mail headers from Gmail:

  1. Open the target e-mail.
  2. Click the down arrow located next to the Reply button and select “Show original”


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