Sony talked about the upcoming PlayStation but it will cost a lot


2What do the journalists say


Eurogamer editor Richard Leadbetter is convinced that the choice of AMD processor will provide higher frame rates and image detail. He also believes that sound processing in the new PlayStation can also be a qualitative leap.

Leadbetter indicates that compatibility with PS4 games can be difficult. The specialist assumes that the price of the new console will be about $ 500.


Polygon editor Ben Kucera notes that Sony is behaving very carefully and not in a hurry to experiment. Google focused on  streaming , Nintendo released a hybrid console (Switch can be used as a portable and as a home console). Microsoft is betting on the distribution of games on a subscription model – like Netflix.

And only Sony is once again developing a traditional home console – just more powerful. The journalist calls the announcement of the next PlayStation “exciting”, but “boring.” Kucera admits that, perhaps, in a constantly changing market, such an approach can be effective, because buyers will immediately know what they are giving money for.

Like Eurogamer, Polygon believes that the price of the console will be higher than that of the PS4 at the start of sales in 2013 (the console cost $ 400).


IGN journalist Whitson Gordon noticed that the processor with the Zen 1 architecture is about 3-4 times faster than the current PS4 processor. Given that in the next PlayStation will install a more modern processor with Zen 2, this means that the performance of the console will be even higher, and this is a big progress.

The author of the article was surprised by the statement of Mark Zernie that the new console will support “raytracing” and games in the resolution of 8K. It will take a lot of resources, which are usually not enough for home consoles. The journalist suggests that, most likely, the developers will go to some simplification.

Gordon roughly estimated how much a computer would cost, comparable in power to the next-generation PlayStation. He got about two thousand dollars (127 thousand rubles). It will in any case be more expensive than buying a console.



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