How to Secure Communication while Penetration Testing?


On this article I’ll focus on about minimizing detection by securing communication throughout penetration testing or methods to secure communication while penetration testing. I want to clarify you that penetration testers or ethical hackers follow different techniques to secure communication while penetration testing. In this article I am going to explain only one method which is securing communication with secure shell while penetration testing. Probably the most superior and up to date Linux distribution used for penetration testing (Kali Linux) doesn’t allow any externally listening network services. Some services, such as Secure Shell (SSH), are already put in however they must be enabled for secure communication whereas penetration testing. in case you are enthusiastic about bypassing intrusion detection I counsel you to learn this article.

Kali comes preconfigured with default SSH keys. Earlier than beginning the SSH service, it is a good suggestion to disable the default keys and generate a singular keyset to be used. Comply with these directions to safe communication whereas penetration testing. Read a quick guide on How to setup Tor in Kali Linux? Complete Guide

Secure Communication while Penetration Testing

First step is you’ll want to transfer the default SSH keys to a backup folder. Then generate a brand new SSH keyset utilizing the next command:

dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

Above command result is displayed within the following screenshot:

secure communication while penetration testing

Second step is to confirm that the newly generated keys are distinctive or not? Calculate their md5sum hash values.

secure communication while penetration testing

To confirm that SSH is working, carry out a netstat query as illustrated below:

secure communication while penetration testing

The SSH daemon is listening on port 22 within the earlier instance. To cease/stop SSH, use the next command:

/etc/init.d/ssh stop

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