Search Engines Common Threads


1Introduction to Search Engines Common Threads

In this article we are going to discuss some known Search Engines Common Threads. To keep their results relevant, all search engines need to understand the main subject of a website. You can help the search engines find your website by keeping in mind the three major factors they’re looking for:


Content is the meat and bones of your website. It’s all the information your website contains, not just the words but also the Engagement Objects (the images, videos, audio, interactive technologies, and so on that make up the visual space). Your page’s relevancy increases based upon your perceived expertise. And expertise is based on useful, keyword‐containing content. The spiders, the software the search engines use to read your website, also measure whether you have enough content that suggests you know what it is you’re talking about. A website with ten pages of content is going to rank lower than a website with ten thousand pages of content, assuming that they are equally relevant.


The Internet is a little like high school in that you are popular as long as a lot of people know you exist and are talking about you. Search engine spiders are looking for how many people are linking to your website, along with the number of outgoing links you have on your own site. Google really loves this factor.



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