Samsung Galaxy S10 revealed in three sizes like the new iPhone


Note that this is the Samsung Galaxy S10 we’re talking about, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 will come in three sizes: 5.8, 6.1 and 6.4 inches according to Ming-Chi Kuo (Business Inside). Samsung Galaxy S10 with a likely release date in the spring of 2019. Next Samsung flagship to come out will likely be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which is coming in August. According to rumors, the phone will have a design similar to the last year’s model, with a fingerprint sensor on the back.

1Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumours

Two larger Galaxy S10 models will be marketed as premium, and will be more expensive, Kuo claimed that smallest variant will be a bit cheaper and will lack some premium features. As compare to iPhone case, reports say that the smallest and the largest iPhone variant will be the premium models and will have OLED screens, while the 6.1-inch variant will be cheaper and will only have an LCD screen.

The Galaxy S10 will come with an under-the-display fingerprint reader, according to Kuo. This has been a rumored feature of all Samsung flagships in the last two years, but it never came to fruition, likely because of reliability issues. In the meantime, several Chinese phone makers, including Vivo and Huawei, have launched phones with such a fingerprint sensor, with mixed results.

6.1-inch and the 6.4-inch models will have the under-the-display fingerprint sensor only; He also claimed that the smallest, cheapest device will (somewhat surprisingly) have a fingerprint sensor on its side.

He also said the phones will have 3D face-scanning technology, a rumor we’ve already heard. However, Samsung will probably heavily market its new snazzy fingerprint sensor, as it’ll be a big differentiator from Apple and its Face ID tech. click next for more information.



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