Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Error


Samsung Galaxy Fold Display Error

Let’s talk about samsung galaxy fold display error Samsung’s first foldable phone came up with the Galaxy Fold display problem. The official announcement by the South Korean technology giant was published.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was sent to some users worldwide for testing this week. After a few days of use on social media, the foldable screen is broken. The South Korean technology giant has also taken action and made a statement.

The company explained that they took the main screen problem in the given samples. The company, which says they will determine the reason for this, will announce the result in the following days.

The Galaxy Fold display has some predictions about the issue. One of them is the ability to print an improperly placed hinge inside the screen. Another possibility is that the protective plastic sheet on the device screen has been removed.

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Samsung announced in a statement that some of the photos appear on the top layer of the screen was removed to damage the screen. The company highlighted that removing the protective layer could cause damage. The new move of the South Korean technology giant will be able to clearly explain the important information about the phone to its customers.


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