Real Madrid carbure under Zidane: knowledge based analysis


Zidane’s team has been intoned since the match against Leganés: they have scored 15 goals in the last 4 games and had 19 in the first 12. Real Madrid has gone from being a flu car to an unstoppable racing car. The tax bound by the suspended League Classic served the white team to fill their gas tank and their gunpowder trunk. In the last four games, and even staying zero against Betis, those of Zidane have scored 15 goals. In the first 12 games of the season only 19 Real Madrid goals had been seen. Madrid made a little hand for Leganés, he was left without seeing a door against Betis, got a blank set against Galatasaray and scored four for Eibar in Ipurua. To this has been added the good performance in the own arc: Courtois has managed to keep the goal to zero in the last five games …

The explanation is in the greatest success against the rival goal. The accuracy in the shot (relationship between the shots that are going on goal on the total number of shots made that are not rejected by the defense) has exceeded 60% in three of the last four games . Before he had only achieved it against Granada and Celta. Considering four-game series, he scored a minimum of 28.21% in the meetings against PSG, Sevilla, Osasuna and Atlético. He only scored three goals in those four duels. Now goes to the break with 59.65%.

Another striking fact is the rate of conversion of shots (which relates the goals to the total number of shots made). In Eibar he reached his best record of the season: 40%. And that of Ipurua was the second meeting in which less Madrid finished off this season (10 times, the same as in Pizjuán). Only in the Park the Princes (7 auctions), he tried less against the rival goal.

Real Madrid is at its best scorer for exactly one year. In four-game streaks he did not score 15 goals since before going to the selection stop last November, which coincided with Solari’s first games on the bench of the first team. The squad welcomed the Argentine scored four goals to Melilla, two to Valladolid, five to Viktoria Plzen and four to Celta after a historical record of 481 minutes without scoring …


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