Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide for Security Researchers


In this article you’ll get information about Linux on Raspberry Pi, NOOBS Card the easiest way to use Raspberry Pi, How to Format the SD card using windows and How to Copy NOOBS to the SD or MicroSD card?

1Linux on Raspberry Pi

Before anything you can do with your Raspberry Pi, you must need to install an operating system (OS). As we all know operating system software enables you to use the computer’s basic functions and looks after activities such as managing files and running applications (word processors or web browsers). Applications use the operating system as an intermediary/medium to talk to the hardware, and they won’t work without it. This concept isn’t unique to the Raspberry Pi. On your laptop, the operating system might be Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. On iPads or iPhones it’s iOS, and on other devices it might be Android.

Operating system used on the Raspberry Pi is GNU/Linux, or often just Linux. The Raspberry Pi might be the first Linux computer you’ve used, but the operating system has a long and honorable history.

Let me introduce you to Linux, the operating system most frequently used on the Raspberry Pi, and we show you how to create an SD or MicroSD card with an operating system on it. You’ll need to use another computer to set up the SD or MicroSD card. It doesn’t matter whether you use a Windows, Mac OS, or Linux machine, but you need to have the ability to write to SD or MicroSD cards using it and a connection to the Internet.

GNU/Linux can be modified and distributed by anyone; plenty of different versions of it exist. They’re called distributions, or distros, but not all of them are suitable for the Raspberry Pi. The recommended distribution of Linux for the Raspberry Pi is Raspbian. Software created for one version of Linux usually works on another version, but Linux isn’t designed to run Windows or Mac OS software. Linux is just the kernel in the operating system, but as is commonly done, we refer to GNU/Linux as Linux.



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