How to perform a DNS Leak test and Stay Anonymous?


If you are using a VPN and other anonymity services you should perform a DNS leak test also because only using VPN does not guarantee that your web browsing history will not get revealed. Sometimes even though you are protecting your connection using a VPN, a connection leak can occur and reveal the real IP address without you being aware.

1Guide to perform a DNS Leak test

Let me discuss that why such a leak occurs when part of your computing device traffic (DNS traffic) is not routed through the secure channel of the anonymity service you are using and hence the VPN. Instead, it gets directed to your ISP’s Internet servers, allowing them to potentially monitor and log the complete web browsing history, even though you’re using a VPN.

To ensure that your VPN provider is not vulnerable to this risk, you are strongly advised to test your connection directly after connecting to your VPN provider, you need to go to this website. There you will see two buttons along with your current IP address. The first button is labeled “Standard test,” and the second is “Extended test.” Click the second button for detailed results. 3. The detailed results page will show you a list of all the DNS servers (along with their locations) that are used to resolve your typed website URLs into IP addresses. If any of these servers are not related to your VPN provider company, this means your connection is leaking information about you.



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