People Search Engine? A Knowledge Base Review


1What Is a People Search Engine?

People search engine are similar to typical search engines; people search engines index online content but focus on people’s personal details and store the results in huge databases to return information upon request. Different parameters are used to search for people on these sites such as target e-mail address, phone number, social username, and full name. Some websites offer additional search parameters such as relative names, mailing address, date of birth, known aliases, ages, and even photographs using a reverse image search technique. The databases used by people search engines to locate information are diverse.

For instance, many people search engines search within the deep web to extract information from source databases that typical search engines cannot reach; these include birth and death databases, public records (such as criminal and tax records), and other overlooked sources (such as information stored in proprietary databases). Please bear in mind that the people search engines will also index results from social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, making them a convenient solution to return comprehensive result sets.

Online investigators (such as law enforcement and intelligence services) need people search engines to acquire accurate information about their targets; other parties are also interested in using such services. For example, employers can conduct background checks on their perspective employees, and individuals can look up the amount of personal information that is revealed about themselves online.



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