People dig up a man who was dead for 9 days after hearing him ‘scream’ in his grave


1People dig up a man who was dead

Reports telling us that people dig up a man who was dead in Colombian town of Llorente (municipality of Tumaco). “This is a miracle, a miracle of Holy Week!” Shouted the crowd that gathered on Tuesday night before the health center of the Colombian town of Llorente (municipality of Tumaco) to witness the supposed resurrection of a resident local who had been buried nine days ago, reports  El Tiempo .

The man’s body was dug up and taken to a medical center after noises were heard in his crypt.

Fidel Pantoja, 50, died due to health problems on 7 April. According to several people close to the deceased, the family of Pantoja was devastated by his death, to the point that the wife of the deceased went into a nervous breakdown and had to receive medical help.

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“I’m going to wait for him to arrive, because he’s going to arrive,” recalls Ivan, one of Pantoja’s ten children. According to the young man, the afflicted widow believed that his partner was still alive and wanted him to return. On Tuesday night his wish came true.



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