Penetration Testing Embedded Devices


Let’s discuss about penetration testing embedded devices. First we need to know about embedded devices and their types then we’ll cover penetration testing embedded devices and I would recommend you to follow this practical guide for penetration testing into IPSec VPNs if you are interested. Basically an embedded device is used for a special-purpose computing system, we can say that embedded devices are  highly specialized devices usually embedded or included within another object or as part of a larger system. 

Following are some examples of embedded devices.

  • banking ATM machines
  • routers
  • point of sale terminals (POS terminals)
  • cell phones

Raspberry Pi is an embedded Linux system also. Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) allow administrators/owners almost total control over remotely deployed servers.

IPMI may be found in most of the corporates as I’ve found in my university network while penetration testing embedded devices. In this practical guide, we will learn about penetration testing embedded devices and how vulnerabilities in IPMI devices can be found. let’s move to the practical guide now.

1Practical guide for penetration testing embedded devices

First step is to launch Metasploit in Kali Linux.

Now we need to search for IPMI-related exploits using search ipmi command.

Following screenshot shows the result for the preceding command:

We will take advantage from the IPMI 2.0 RAKP Remote SHA1 Password Hash Retrieval vulnerability then select the auxiliary. As we know there are multiple exploits, such as CIPHER Zero, which can be tried as well it’s all about your choice dear reader enter the following command:

use auxiliary/scanner/ipmi/ipmi_dumphashes

Next step is to see the options, we type this command:

show options

The following screenshot shows the output for the preceding command:

penetration testing embedded devices

Here, we can see that the auxiliary module automatically attempts to crack the hashes it retrieves.



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