Online Crime: Man who knows Everything about


2The Mercedes of a dictator

Online crime scaled fast. Not only to win online games , but also as a geopolitical tool. It’s hard to imagine the options, but that’s what Anderson is for. When cars are all software , what will prevent a government from requiring one of its companies to block the cars of a rival government that receives sanctions: ” Software updates can be used as a diplomatic tool,” says Anderson. “All the Mercedes that a dictator has given to his henchmen can be blocked.”

Cyber ​​attacks can also strain malware in cars. A computer virus in a car can allow a terrorist hiding in a remote country to turn right and accelerate thousands of vehicles moving in the United States: “This is something that has been proven for years,” he explains. Lawmakers should force manufacturers to continue updating their models’ software for years to avoid having machines full of security holes on the roads. Download your file from here.

Instead of throwing a bomb in Los Angeles, someone can ‘hack’ all the air conditioners in the country

Not only the cars, but also the air conditioners and all the new smart pots  that will fill the homes: “One of the things that you have to explain to the manufacturers is that they must take the safety patches seriously because an air conditioner is basically a box of Linux with peripherals, once you connect it to wifi, it’s hackable . ” And if it is hackable , instead of “throwing a bomb in Los Angeles”, someone can access all the air conditioners of a brand and “turn them off and on and off and turn them on without anyone knowing who has done it until it destroys the network and leave half of Americans without electricity. “

The original problem is that the Internet was built like this because of the rush. “In the software and information industry, a lot of money is made from network effects, and the hurry of companies like Microsoft or Facebook to be the first left many security flaws open for years,” explains Anderson. Hence, the priority has always been to launch a product in version 1 to be the first “and we will fix it in version 3,” he adds.

The consequences of all this are that the structure is now weak: “This is how it works, we decided to create a world in which the Internet services for each individual were not so good”.



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