New plan to step on the Moon despite Israel’s Failure


Airlines responsible for the failed space mission of Israel has announced plans to step on the moon with the help of government and private funds.

It is believed that the robot company was destroyed two days ago by the government of Israel, Aerospace Industries (IAI) and nonprofit company, SPIL, which was followed by a third-step third step. The dream of becoming a country was shattered.

According to news agency Reuters, President of Space IL, Morris Cohen, said, ‘I had time to think in the days of vacation, during which I got an opportunity to get encouraged and got support from the public.’

“I’m announcing a new project today,” he said.

He said that the first mission had cost of about $ 100 million in which most of the private parts, such as Morrison Cohen, were put in place.

Maurice said that the mission of the Israeli government was only $ 30 million in this mission and now donors will also be funding for a new project, but government money should be for the Israeli people’s plan.

“We will not depend on government money”, he said.

Maurice Cohen said that the task force of Brightheart will start work soon and ‘we will start the work that we can finish and we can set our flag on the moon’.

Israeli government official company II said in a statement said it would be a pleasure to be part of the mission with more space sponsored by Morris Cohen.

It is clear that only three countries are America, Russia and China that have succeeded in reaching the moon.

Israel’s first attempt was confirmed by the failure of the Israeli Aerospace Industries and said that our spacecraft has certainly crashed at the surface of the moon, he said that the debris of spacecraft at the location of the default landing available.

The spacecraft was disconnected at the same time before the engine landing, and as long as the energy was restored, the ship was moving rapidly to get it safely.

The official said that the first-level measurement unit was damaged due to which there was an error, about which we can not say anything right now.

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