Watch Most Powerful Non-Nuclear Explosion in History


1Most Powerful Non-Nuclear Explosion in History

Do you know about most powerful Non-Nuclear explosion in history of mankind? Well let me tell you about this. In 1947, everyone knew about the remote island of Heligoland, in the North Sea, when the British Royal Navy detonated an immense arsenal of Nazi munitions there.

Today, the German archipelago of Heligoland, located only about 50 kilometers from the coast of the country, is a small and peaceful tourist destination that even lacks cars, as they are prohibited by local regulations, but its strategic location in the The North Sea and the historical events turned it in 1947 into the scene of an outburst of infernal force.

That year, everyone knew about the existence of Heligoland after British engineers conducted the most powerful non-nuclear explosion in human history.

Before the ‘Big Bang’

The archipelago consists of two small islands where just over 1,200 people now live, but its strategically important location turned it into medieval times first into a pirate base and, later, into a refuge for smugglers.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Heligoland was occupied by the United Kingdom, after which a modern spa was built on the site. At the end of the century, after the Treaty of Heligoland-Zanzibar, the archipelago was returned to Germany, which soon installed a military base.

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During the Second World War, the German Army built an extensive network of tunnels and bunkers there, as well as warehouses for weapons and ammunition, fortifications, artillery posts and shelters for submarines. 

After the defeat of Nazi Germany, the allies decided to destroy their ‘legacy’ and many other German ammunitions were then taken to the island, making Heligoland a gigantic warehouse of weapons.



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