The world’s most dangerous bird killed the owner


Most Dangerous Bird

That’s true most dangerous bird killed the owner. The bird counted in the world’s most dangerous birds killed the owner.

The bird missing the fleet attacked his master at the time when he had given them food.

American broadcaster, CNN, reported that was an attempt to hospital in extremely concerned that the 75-year-old Florida man Marvin hajus condition, but he did not know continent.

According to the report, on Marion House, his own pet bird ‘Kasuri’ attacked when he arrived to give them food.

The person who was killed by an attack on the pet bird told the local media that Kasuri had initially attacked his husband on the wounds several times, while he was injured.

most dangerous bird
This bird is up to 100kg – Photos: San Diego Zo

According to the local authorities, the investigation has started after the incident, initially detected that the incident was accidentally presented.

According to the Department of Livestock and Forestry, initially it has been found that the incident took place when the bird owners fell to the garden while going to give them food.

Authorities say that ‘Kosovo’ attacked them after the owner’s fall.

According to CNN, Kasuri is counted in the world’s dangerous birds and three species of birds are found in the world.

most dangerous bird
These birds are considered to be the most common species of reproduction – File photos: All About Birds

These birds are not able to fly but it is capable of jumping up to 7 feet at once.

These birds are told from the breeding of birds and their prototype and size are similar to them.

Their trembling is too long and sharp whenever they are on their way.

The amount of cashews is higher than the male and usually the weight of the substance is about 100kg.

The race of Kasuri is also considered as rare, such birds, Australia, Papa New Guinea, Indonesia and its nearby islands.

most dangerous bird
Their size is like shrimp-file photo: Tis


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