Information about world’s most dangerous airport?


Most Dangerous Airport

We’re going to discuss about most dangerous airport. Last week in Nepal, a plane near Mount Everest collapsed with two helicopters on a fly-rattled run, resulting in 3 people dead and injuring 3.

The accident came on a Lokela Airport, an important source of road to Mount Everest, whereas this airport is considered the world’s most dangerous airport.

But what is the reason that it is considered as the world’s most dangerous airport?

The Nepal Capital capital takes a 40-minute flight to Lukla Airport from Kathmandu, which is apparently a common airline, but when there reaches and landing, the heart can be afraid of fear.

The history channel of this airport was named as the world’s most dangerous airport in its 2010 program, but it is still a busy airport because it is also a way to Mount Everest’s base camp.

The air base, which is named earlier Koh Kahima, head mount Everest, is considered to be the world’s most dangerous airport, because the airport landing strip is just 5 meters long from the surface sea level 2800 meters. And its end is on a deep ditch.

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Now, if a pilot does not show the present brain during the plane there, then the passengers will go straight to two thousand feet deep in the valley, and this idea raises the senses of travelers and pilots coming here.

And when the plane lands and the landing gears are fallen, there is a sound that increases the fear, but it is a great experience for those who are not less than a roller coaster.

But this is not the only reason why it makes it dangerous, a part of this runway ends on ditch, there is a solid wall at the end of the second part, with which a Buddhist monument is a direct route, while it runs There is a 11-degree slope that helps to break the plane and if it is not so, the attempt to fall there will be in danger.

most dangerous airport
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There are accidents, but very little, but the first major accident occurred in 2008 when aircraft staff mistaken weather and landing and resulted in a crash and all the riders were killed.

No navigation services are available in this airport, but it is not possible to get flight in the night because the climate bridge changes the bridge and sends pilot skills here.

Well, despite all the risks, this airport is one of the few beautiful airports in the world, where the beauty of flowers and other natural scenes can be seen with Koh Himalaya peaks.


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