Manchester United takes 219 days! without marking the ball stopped


In the Premier League, the Solskjaer team does not score on a strategy move since it did on the 28th day of last season. On December 19, Manchester United announced Solskjaer as a substitute for José Mourinho for the Old Trafford bench. Shortly after, I would confirm him for the good results of the team. After a tumultuous time with the Portuguese, the ‘red devils’ seemed to have found a coach , a man of the house with little experience, but with wood to devote himself to the post. Months later, rather everything has changed …

Although the first year was an adaptation period that closed with a quarter-finals in the Champions League and with the qualification for the Europa League , in this one a step was expected with the permanence of Pogba or signings such as Harry Maguire . Nothing is further from reality, United continues to make water and is the protagonist of a blushing fact in the Premier League: it has been 219 days without scoring in a stationary ball play!

Without taking into account penalties or direct foul throws, United does not mark in strategy since Lukaku took advantage of a carambola within the area in the match that faced the Mancunians with Crystal Palace on February 27, 2018! It was on the 28th day of the championship or, in other words, it makes 17 appointments . A worrying fact for a team in its category. More in football today, where the stopped ball seems fundamental to resolve locked duels or mark differences as a visitor. As expected, it far exceeds any other team in the English championship.

The days leading Premier teams without marking the ball stopped

Manchester United219
Crystal Palace166
Aston Villa48
Tottenham 48
West ham41
Southampton3. 4
Manchester City13

The worst start in the Premier era

Solskjaer has starred in the worst start in the history of the club in the domestic tournament , since it receives the name of Premier League (1992) . Currently, United adds nine points in seven days and only worth to be tenth in the leaderboard. Mourinho or David Moyes , at least, got a little more in the locker. That is why the technician is continually questioned in England and his future hangs by a thread. On Sunday, it seems like a final against Newcastle , which is penultimate in the table. Who knows if he will end up saving the stopped ball. You know, destiny is capricious …


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