Apple wants to improve new iPhone cameras


iPhone cameras

iPhone cameras will be greatly improved in the Apple iPhone’s introduced this year and 2 new models will be set up with 3-back cameras which will be equipped with a super-wired lens.

According to a report from MacRumors, the updated version of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS will be given 3 backup cameras in the new iPhones with 6.5 inches and 5.8-inch LED screen while 6.1 inch LCD The model will also be upgraded from dual cameras.

Similarly, camera performance in low light will also be improved.

And yes, all three new iPhones will be given instead of a 12-megapixel cell phone camera.

The report further states that a special black coating will be made from Apple’s super-wired lens and front cam so that they are not more prominent, but feel unmatched so that designs look better.

This is already done with some front cameras from Samsung so that they lose the basil.

By far the new iPhone phones that have come up, Becker Camera Setup does not look much beautiful, which will be improved in the final model.

Earlier, a report was told that this year Apple has not been able to introduce its design to this year, but the company plans to introduce 5 new iphone simultaneously in 2019 for its first time in its history.

Japanese technology website Makkoka claimed in a report that Apple has been working on 2 new LED iphone models, as well as the updated models of iPhone XS, XSX and XP. I will be given 3 cameras on the back. Visit our main blog for more content.

The design version of the iPhone X, iPhone XS Max and iPhone X version will be last year but harder will be improved. Thanks for reading now let me recommend you some other practical guides about penetration testing of Remote Access Protocols, Remote Desktop ProtocolSSH Network Protocol, Network RoutersWordPress website using WPSeku from My Hack Stuff.


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