In India Anti-Vaccine Fake News spread by WhatsApp Users,


Fake news spread on WhatsApp is the biggest problem. The company wants to alert WhatsApp about these issues, how will Fake News be spotted in India. At the same time, the company is also working on many features which include in-app browser, image search and frequently forwarded labels. Among these, there is another problem that is spreading rapidly between users and it is the cause of concern for the company. WhatsApp is spreading fast anti-vaccine news. This is a fake news.

According to the information given in The Wall Street Journal , anti-virus news also includes some social media posts, they have been expanded in the western areas. This has made the fake news obstruct for the efforts that are being made in India like diseases like mangals and rubella. Due to this, many schools in Mumbai have refused to give vacancies to the Health Officers. They feel that vaccination can be a danger to children. At the same time, due to this fake news, thousands of children have lost their vaccinations in New Delhi.

In this forwarded message spread over WhatsApp , do not use the vaccination. Save your children’s life. This message was made available to the Local Health Officers. This message has been claimed that the vaccines include autism and other disorders. UNICEF official Sonia Government, on the issue, said that this news spreading on WhatsApp is just a rumor.

Anti vaccine news was the first to spread quickly in the western region of America. Let us know that the Anti-Waxers Group used to operate in Closed Groups of Facebook, but shortly before that, Facebook decided to remove those fakes news spread to such groups. Earlier, Instagram also blocked anti-vaccine hashtags from its platform.

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