Hackers have access to 36 million internet users’ accounts


According to the data provided by the British Company National Cyber ​​Security Center (NSCC), hackers can get access to 36 million internet users account and important information across the world.

According to the report published in The Guardian, the NSCC revealed that due to modern appliances, hackers’ access to confidentiality or personal information on the Internet increased, such as threats from using common word “password” as passwords. Inviting an open invitation.

In addition, the company revealed that 2 million 32 million internet users ‘12345’j’12345’s’ll while 30 lakh 80,000 users are using the first 6 characters ‘qwerty’ passwords in the computer’s keyboard.

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Under the ongoing Internet secretariat of the GCHQ, the NSCC has accessed the user’s personal information by using almost 1 million words daily to test the Internet security standards. The report has been prepared.

According to the report, the users of the Internet generally have the names of their favorite names, football teams, bands and fiction characters, which hackers do not have difficulty in cracking.

NSCC has suggested Internet users to use ‘Random Detail’ in the password to ensure the protection of their account and personal information.

According to the organization, about 42% of Internet users can suffer financial losses due to hacking in 2021.

He said that only 89% of Internet users in the UK purchased online online, out of which 15% of consumers have a better understanding of password and strengthening passwords.

According to the report, 4 million 32,000 Internet users use “Ashley” and 4 million 25 users’ passwords as’ Michael ‘.


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