Another Facebook scandal witnessed these days


Facebook scandal

Another facebook scandal of consumer privacy in Facebook has come and the company has also confirmed it.

A Business Insider report said that after May May 2016, the list of more than 15 million subscribers, who became part of this social media network, uploaded their permission without permission.

The report was reported that a security researcher had warned that Facebook’s life was being asked by some users to create a password for their e-mail account password entry.

And when the user enrolls their password, there is a message in front of it that the imported European contacts that were not allowed to cancel.

Afterwards the process of uploading contacts process was over, but the company forgot to remove the code that used to perform this task.

Facebook also confirmed that it had ended the email verification series a month ago and deliberated the upload data.

Last month, we had closed the email password verification for the first time we sign up for the sign up on Facebook, when we reviewed that people did verify their accounts. If we take steps, we have discovered that in some cases the people’s email contacts will be uploaded by creating a Facebook account.¬†According to our estimation, more than 1.5 million e-mail contacts have been uploaded in this manner, these contacts are not shared with anyone, and we are delivering them.¬†We are addressing this issue and informing people whose contacts have been imported, people can go and review and review the Facebook settings. ‘

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But the company also told the Business Insider that this upload data is also being used to find new friends and ‘improve advertising’.

The Facebook statement on this issue is very weak and the company’s credibility has hit another new scandal because it was caught by consumers in password-friendly text last month. visit our main blog for more content.


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