Expenditure on security of Facebook owner is estimated Rs. 3 billion


After broadcasting news on fake news delivery and violent incidents on Facebook in recent few years, the social media founder Mark Zuckborg appeared in potential for the “threats” in the year 2018 and his family’s security on $ 2 million. (3 billion rupees).

It is not clear that interest in the Facebook CEO (Mark Zuckerberg) is a dollar and they do not get any bonuses or privileges from the company, but they spend millions of rupees every year on their security.

According to a report published in The Guardian , the public responded strongly after the publication of fake news and objectionable material on Facebook.

However, Mark Zuckerberg increased doubts in the year 2018, namely $ 9 million for his security in the year 2017.

It was reported that Mark Zuckerberg spent $ 26 million on the private aircraft used in security.

It is clear that Facebook was facing severe opposition due to spreading false information, online political propaganda, theft of information and privacy concerns.

On the other hand, Donald Trumpp, a Russian company, served Cambridge Antalya, a Russian company, who stole personal information of millions of users without the permission of Facebook and interfered in the elections.

In this regard, it was further said that Sheriff Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, bought a $ 2 million worth of $ 1 million in the year 2018, and last he bought a $ 2 million 52 million house.

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