World’s first naval and evil frontline drone boat by China


World’s first naval and evil frontline drone boat

According to the International News Agency, China has successfully completed the first drone boat, it is capable of traveling boat and equally on earth. It can also be run with a stroke through remote control.

The Chinese army has claimed that it is capable of fighting equally on the bad and naval front of a drone boat. Due to amazing abilities, this drone boat has been named Marine Lizard, the ‘sea lizard’.

The most important thing in this boat is to drive off the track wheels in the Iron Straps like war tank, and continue to travel on the ground, by the tracks, the boat crashes at 20 kilometers per hour. A trip can be fixed when the tracks float in the water live inside the ark.

The length of the three-row drones boat is 12 meters, which will be run with the help of hydro jet and with the weight of the stand-through technology, its speed can be up to 50 notice when its range is up to 1200 kilometers.

It is clear that China has accelerated the production of modern weapons to strengthen its defense system, the sea boundaries and beaches will prove to be very useful for the Navy Army, the Navy army in the coastal controversies.

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