Who supports EU Advances? All Things You Need to Know


2Political EU Advances

In political terms, with a big brush, Germany has been able to expiate its terrible previous stage to the Union through a humble and generous attitude in the first decades of the project; France has been able, through the common mechanism, to project an influence that in itself its diminishing force would not have allowed; Several peripheral countries have been able to stabilize initially fragile democracies. Difficult to argue that in political terms, some country has lost out due to its mere membership in the EU.

In social terms, the balance is very complex. The crisis that broke out in 2008 has hit hard with broad layers of European societies. Globalization has benefited citizens of emerging Asian countries – with hundreds of millions who have left poverty in China – and damaged citizens of specific segments of Western societies – manufacturing sector, population with low qualifications, etc. -. This is not the immediate fault of the EU. But the mix between the incomplete architecture of the euro zone and debatable political decisions have aggravated the consequences of a global phenomenon. The US of Obama came before and better from the crisis than the EU.

It is reasonable to argue that, on this level, the better educated and mobile classes have derived greater benefit from the common project than the disadvantaged. The feeling of lack of protection, of frustrated expectations and fear of the future is the main payment of the nationalist boom. A readjustment of the project that placates those feelings is probably your biggest life insurance.

Of the three beasts that hindered Dante’s path to good in the early stages of the Divine Comedy , he described as the worst a wolf “that the more I ate the more I lost weight”: the emblem of avidity according to many scholars. It would be convenient for the elites, in their own interest, to fix their gaze on that compass in the new stage that is opening.



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