eSports World Elite is already in Madrid


2Not a woman in the CS: GO elite

All players, team staff and eSports fans agree: there are more men than women who love electronic sports. Some players say 95% of men and 5% of women are amateurs to eSports, which is why there are fewer women in the elite according to Mopoz, player of the Movistar Riders . Others, however, believe that the reason is that women do not have “enough motivation because they do not see professional women in the elite or do not have the same job and salary opportunities as men,” says Fredrik Sterner, the player of Ninjas in Pajamas, better known as Rez.

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The player of Ence, Sergej says not knowing the reason and Jonas Olofsson (of Ninjas in Pajamas) affirms that “the elite of CS: GO is a closed circuit in which it is difficult to enter”.

Aleksiv, player of Ence points out that women like to play against other women and should compete “against better people” to improve. “In the future it will be a reality, but nowadays it is not very normal that there are professional women”.



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