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1eSports World Elite

Let’s talk about eSports world elite who is already in Madrid. The city hosts on May 10 and 11 up to 6,000 attendees at Blast Pro Series, the electronic sport championship CS: GO

“It all started when I was a child and my parents brought the first computer home. My older brother started playing Counter Strike and I joined. My classmates also had fun with electronic games and when I fought against them, I was the best. When I was about 10 years old, a friend of my brother asked me: Peter, do you want to live videogames when you grow up? I said clearly, it would be great, but that is impossible. ” The story is told by Peter Rasmussen, better known as Dupreeh. Play in the Danish team Astralis, the number one electronic sport CS: GO worldwide. D ince signed his first contract in 2013,  Dupreeh  has entered a million and a half dollars (1.3 million euros).

Now he is in Madrid, along with the rest of the team’s players, to participate in a new edition of Blast Pro Series , a championship that will take place on May 10 and 11 at the Madrid Arena Pavilion, awarded with 250,000 euros . There are still tickets available that range from 27 to 89 euros . The capacity is 6,000 people but millions can follow it by Twitch (the platform to watch videogame championships in streaming ) of Blast, where millions of people followed the last edition, held at the end of March in São Paulo, Brazil.

The great rival to fight is Astralis, winner of three majors (they are the most prestigious tournaments of CS: GO, awarded with a million dollars, in which the best 24 teams from around the world participate) and a multitude of leagues and tournaments. The Swedes Ninjas in Pajamas (NiP), the Finns Ence, the Ukrainians Natus Vincere (NAVI) and the Americans Cloud9 will try to prove that they are better.

In addition, the two teams from the Iberian Peninsula that won a previous phase, the Spaniards of Movistar Riders and the Portuguese of Vodafone Giants , will fight each other on Friday, May 10 at 4:15 pm (best of three sets ). Next the championship will begin. 

The capacity is of 6,000 people although millions will be able to follow it by the Twitch (the platform to see championships of videojuegos in streaming) of Blast

The players are all men. The youngest is 17 years old (the Finnish Jere Salo, known as Serjeg) and says that his family always supported him and did not care that he had to drop his studies to dedicate himself to eSports in a professional manner. All CS: GO players are around twenty, although there is some elite member who exceeds 30.

Everyone agrees on the discipline that a team must have to reach the Top 10 world CS: GO and that their main objective is to win a major . All train between six and eight hours a day (with a day off) and want to spend as much time as possible on eSports. “I would like to continue being a professional player until I stop being good and then be a coach or have another position in the electronic sports, although I have a computer module and a veterinary one,” says Alejandro Fernández-Quejo, the player of the Movistar Riders better known as Mopoz.

You do not need to be in good physical shape; Despite this, most teams practice mens sana in corpore sano . In addition to a coach, eSports elite teams can count on a dietitian, a psychiatrist and a person who solves day-to-day administrative problems such as medical insurance or personal problems.

As there is doping in sports, there are also cases in electronic sports. It all started when Semphis, a Canadian CS: GO player, acknowledged in 2015 that he had used drugs along with several members of his former team: Cloud9. The most common substance is Adderall , which is used to improve the ability to concentrate. From then on the championships took measures and implemented anti-doping controls . The organization of Blast Pro does not disclose when it performs them so that the players do not know it but they ensure that they do it several times a year. Click Next to Download VOD list.



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