Discover new type of nature in a cave of the Philippines


Discover new type of nature

Let’s discover new type of nature as our human being has increased. The Philippines has discovered an inappropriate nature of humans.

Having been found on the largest island of Luzon in the country, his name is also named Humo Lawrenceans.

Her physical implications are found to be a combination of our ancient father’s ages and recent humans.

This could mean that early human relations were successful in reaching South-East Asia from Africa, which was considered impossible before it.

These investigations show that human evolution in this region was a complex matter and there were probably three or more variables at the arrival of our experienced immigrants.

One of them is Humor Florence Sensis, which we also know as ‘Hubat’, which was found 50,000 years ago on the Florence island of Indonesia.

Chris Stringer, professor of the Natural History Museum in London, says, “After the discovery of Humor Florence Sensex in 2004, I had told that this experience of human evolution in Florence may have been repeated on other parts of the region.”

‘The estimate was confirmed at the island of Luzon, 3,000 km.’

These samples found in the northern Cave Cave descent are described in ‘Nature’. Their age is reported between 50,000 to 67,000 years.

It has 13 remaining remnants of adults and children, including teeth, hands and feet. He has been evacuated from a cave in the excavation released from 2007.

Humor Florence has some physical similarities to humans in the modern era of Sensex. But the remaining effects are like Austrochemical pythones, which had a living, vertical bin-rayed creature 20-20 million years ago in Africa.

Finger and thumb bones are broken, which shows that climbing was necessary for that type. The same is seen in some types of ostracal pythonas.

FingerPhoto ofFLORENT DETROITCopyright
Image captionFinger and thumb bones are broken, which shows that climbing was necessary for this type.

If the Austrochemical pythones were able to reach South-East Asia, it could change our idea of ​​exit from humans in Africa.

For a long time, it was believed that before the Africa in Africa, Architects migrated almost 1 million years ago.

And because Luzon can only reach the sea route, it also raises the question that how the creatures reached before the island.

On the island along with Humo Lausanneans, another creature named Danny Sauses also had a home, who met our native monarch when they came.

It is proved by observing DNA, because there is no evidence of Danny Schones in this region.

CavePhoto ofFLORENT DETROITCopyright
Image caption Thesample found in the northern Cruz Cave Cave is estimated between 50,000 to 67,000 years.

It is believed that history of ‘Habubas’ or Humo Florence Sensex, found on Indonesia’s Florence island, is some 50,000 to 100,000 years old, which means that they have had modern humans.

Scientists have also said that the physical effects of Humo Florence Sensex and Austrochemical pythonas are found. But researchers say that the hobbies came from Humo Architects, but many of their organs resumed over time.



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