How to create Evil Access Point? Kali NetHunter Guide


Today we are going to learn about how to create evil access point in Kali NetHunter. MANA toolkit is used to create evil access point launched by SensePost, which can be used to perform Wi-Fi, Access Point (AP), and MITM attacks. Whenever a victim connects to our access point, this toolkit enable us to perform multiple actions. You may also like to install tools and updates remotely in Kali NetHunter.

2Last Action to take

Now we click on the Start mitm attack from the options menu on the right-hand side.

We will see a Terminal window open and our attack will be performed. We will see the host info as well as password hashes captured by the attack:

Similarly, there are other attacks, such as Nmap scans, generating Metasploit payloads, and so on. you should also have a bit knowledge about fileless attacks, KRACKs attacks, Remote Access Protocol,



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