How to create Evil Access Point? Kali NetHunter Guide


Today we are going to learn about how to create evil access point in Kali NetHunter. MANA toolkit is used to create evil access point launched by SensePost, which can be used to perform Wi-Fi, Access Point (AP), and MITM attacks. Whenever a victim connects to our access point, this toolkit enable us to perform multiple actions. You may also like to install tools and updates remotely in Kali NetHunter.

1To create evil access point follow the given steps:

This is very easy to use. In the NetHunter menu, we select Mana Wireless Toolkit:

It opens up in the General Settings tab. Here, we can select interface and other options, such as capturing cookies. This is useful to perform a wireless attack by performing an evil twin attack using an external wireless card supported by NetHunter:

We can use responder via this toolkit to capture network hashes. First, we connect to the network we want to perform the attack on.

Our next step is to switch to the Responder Settings tab and check on the attacks we want to perform. We select wlan0 as our interface:

create Evil Access Point

For changing the interface we need to listen to, we switch to the General Settings tab and select from list of interfaces from drop-down list:

create Evil Access Point



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