Coastal Regions of Pakistan in Images and Text


1Coastal Regions of Pakistan

Let’s discuss about Coastal Regions of Pakistan. The nature of the oceans in the ocean waves appears to be seen on the short shores in the world, when the human being reaches away.

Nature can not be deceived nor foolish. This is the reward for your hard work before you give it. ‘- Napoleon Hill.

Karachi’s lightning shook off the semi-cold evening on Cliffton’s coast away from light. The birds of the world were returning to the beach all over the quest for provision.

Some birds started searching for a rainbow in the pure pistachio trees, surrounded by the coastal strip. That evening people were lesser on the beach and those who were absorbing sea breeze was tired of their faces.

The hunters and the camels were looking forward to looking for the customers. One day ago I stood at the same time at the hawk of Bayes Bay. The colors of the evening broke the black sheet of craves and darkness. My shadow left the body, wrapped with a wave of steps and a cold wind blew me up.

Cliffton, Karachi-Syed Mahdi Bukhari
Cliffton, Karachi-Syed Mahdi Bukhari
Hockey Bay, Karachi - Syed Mahdi Bukhari
Hockey Bay, Karachi – Syed Mahdi Bukhari
Hockey Bay, Karachi - Syed Mahdi Bukhari
Hockey Bay, Karachi – Syed Mahdi Bukhari

My pictures have been taken on the walls of my room which have reflected my madness for the past 12 years, when I see myself standing in the room, passing months and years, traveling in the evening, early afternoon, cool evening The scenes of children, laughing nights, moon imports, children’s laughter movies, the scenes of my favorite movie, start walking on the screen of my mind, sometimes the pictures begin to really talk and say you have released us from this frame. Give yourself another freedom from our memories.

I forgot the mantra, which I could release to those celebrated and sculptured people that my God had taught me to imprison only. For me it is also a heart stone that days of sorrow may be sad in days. A niggard’s child has a laughing picture whose eye-shaped look looks like the garden where he was standing, who says, come with us and answer me with the eyes that play the age of playing now. . Now you are not gonna have to die.

It is also good to touch brown cherry memories sometimes to believe both of the seasons of the changing seasons and the heart and the heart’s heart attack.

One view from the Coast Highway - Syed Mehdi Bukhari
One view from the Coast Highway – Syed Mehdi Bukhari

Anyway, how to make a traveler. He keeps the globe in a branch green gloves, takes a walk, and then travels around the search for a new destination. New Pakistan is a tourist tourism. State promises and intentions of setting up a brilliant future are the intentions of setting up stone stones, in such a way, the artist inside me wants to leave the desert Gul and take the direction of the desert.

The coastline of Pakistan, which is spread from Karachi to Gwadar, wants to record some of the beaches on its beaches, as long as a new wave and no stormy wind can destroy them.

The comfort of the house makes me uncomfortable. I do not care about anxiety. It seems as if I’m in space. Relaxed by being unhappy and chanting to china. Cigarette smuggling in the night of starvation, journey of the road, the shade of tea, the stars of human population, is in the sound of liters burning.

The night breaks left Lahore in the rain and decades after the railway came out of Karachi to refresh the memories of her childhood. I intended to go from Gwadar to Karachi via the coastal coast along the coastal coast.

The railway continued, the rain remained, and the city was passing in the dark. He kept his childhood standing at the door of his cabin. Occasionally spreading in the flavors with the railway, the temptation took place in the pregnant chains of heaven. Be surprisingly surprised, keep the walls of railway battles, windows and the habit of pregnant substitutes in heaven. The lightning flash blasts.

Coastal Highway-Syed Mahdi Bukhari
Coastal Highway-Syed Mahdi Bukhari


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