Stay Anonymous while using Windows 10

stay anonymous
This is really a big question now that how we can stay anonymous while using Windows 10. Because compared with the previous Windows versions, Windows 10 comes equipped with enhanced security features for encryption and authentication. Windows 10 is also more robust against bootkits...

How to perform a DNS Leak test and Stay Anonymous?

dns leak test
If you are using a VPN and other anonymity services you should perform a DNS leak test also because only using VPN does not guarantee that your web browsing history will not get revealed. Sometimes even though you are protecting your connection using a...

Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide for Security Researchers

Raspberry Pi
In this article you'll get information about Linux on Raspberry Pi, NOOBS Card the easiest way to use Raspberry Pi, How to Format the SD card using windows and How to Copy NOOBS to the SD or MicroSD card? Linux on Raspberry Pi Before anything you...
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