Cassano warns Cristiano: “You can’t leave before the end, I risked two years of sanction”


The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus Stadium before the end of the duel against Milan has not gone unnoticed by anyone in Italy … and what remains. Now it has been Cassano who has wanted to warn the Portuguese of what can happen to him by leaving the stadium when he was replaced, according to his own experience.

” Cristiano left three minutes before the end of the game? You can’t do that, because then there is anti-doping control. I had to return quickly to the stadium to avoid a two-year disqualification,” says the former Italian player, remembering how he left a Rome-Lazio . “It was 12 years ago. Capello changed me, I got angry and went home. I had to go back,” said the one who was also a Real Madrid player.

The anger of the Portuguese for the change was one of the most recurring questions to Sarri in the postpartum press conference, as well as his possible escape. “I don’t know what players were in the locker room after the game because and I didn’t enter. So I can’t know,” said the Italian coach at a press conference. “There is no problem with him. It is normal for a player to get angry when he is substituted. You have to allow him to have his five minutes of mosque. He would be more worried if he didn’t get angry,” the bianconero coach added.


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