How to Perform Browser Autopwn using Metasploit


Let us discuss about performing browser autopwn that how this module works. This auxiliary module used for performing client-side attacks. Now we need to explore how this module works. Following are steps of browser autopwn.

  • Attacker/Penetration Tester executes the browser_autopwn auxiliary module.
  • Web server is started (on the attacker’s system), which hosts a payload which is accessible over a specific crafted URL.
  • Attacker sends specially generated URL to his/her victim.
  • When victim tries to open URL, and the payload gets downloaded on his system.
  • If the victim’s browser is vulnerable, the exploit will be successful and the attacker gets a meterpreter shell.

First launch Metasploit using msfconsole command then select the browser_autopwn module by entering the use auxiliary/server/browser_autopwn command. Learn bypassing antivirus programs here.

Then, configure the value of the LHOST variable and run the auxiliary module as you can see in the following screenshot:

browser autopwn

After Launching the browser autopwn auxiliary module it will create many different instances of exploit/payload combinations as the victim might be using any kind of browser:

browser autopwn

When our victim opened up an Internet Explorer/browser and tried to hit the malicious URL (that we setup using the browser_autopwn auxiliary module) and we will get a meterpreter shell. The ultimate output is shown below.

browser autopwn

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