Black hole to a new world: Chapter 2 of ‘Fortnite’ is here already


There were tens of thousands of concurrent users who were watching, in real time, the image of the black hole that was swallowed yesterday the first season of Fortnite . This popular game of the genre Battle Royale drags legions of users although few imagined that its creators, Epic Games , kept the promise of ending everything, and this way. A full-fledged theater finale, with dramatic tints and in which game fans analyzed in detail in forums and social networks until the last trace of that blue light that was the blackout of the game. The great news for his followers is that the second season is already available, and it seems to improve the present.

This agony has not lasted for a long time, since after a few hours of blackout and after several leaks, its creators announced the next great installment of the epic title: they have baptized it without great flourishes like Fortnite Chapter 2  (chapter 2) and season 11. It seems Of course, the death and resurrection of the game have confirmed the genius of the Epic Games marketing maneuver: more than ten million users followed the slow death of the world of the first installment and, how could it be otherwise, the phenomenon was worldwide trend in all social networks.

A new green and flowery world

The developers have not fallen asleep on the laurels after Fortnite’s brilliant success in their first installment and the evolution has meant a radical change that seems to hook their players. Epic Games proposes in this second chapter a much greener and flowerier world, although it retains the essence and much of the details of the first installment as the flying transport that is the beginning of the game. Its creators are convinced that the news will not disappoint their followers and some of them are striking.

The second installment starts from a completely new map of a new island, this time much more mountainous than the previous one, and which offers the novelty of incorporating an aquatic part with lakes and rivers in which the player can fish, and even fly a boat that will move you from one place to another. Fortnite , in its new chapter, follows the previous business model, allowing the player to acquire, by subscription, new skins  to customize the character. Fortnite is the game that has the most bill in the history of consoles and this new installment seems to consolidate this circumstance.


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