Best Running Watches for Sports Knowledge Base Review


22. Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro: the applicant One of Best Running Watches

Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro
The best GPS watches for sports practice

High mountain, skiing, triathlon, swimming – it is submersible up to 100 meters -, hiking, racing or cycling, are some of the sports practices in which this watch can be used. It weighs 74 grams and offers a high quality finish: The bezel is made of stainless steel, the lens is made of mineral glass and the polyamide shell is reinforced with carbon glass for durability and strength. The color screen, which has a resolution of 320 x 300 pixels, has automatic brightness and its visibility when it receives sunlight is good. In addition, it is tactile and incorporates three buttons on one of its sides for the user to interact as well.

It has a barometric altitude that, combined with GPS data, provides very accurate information about altitude. Meanwhile, its GPS tracking and navigation functions are very complete. One of the most striking is the planning of routes with thermal maps linked to the Suunto Movescount community; After registering, it is possible to import the routes that other users have created – an interesting option to discover new itineraries – and also upload your own to share them. Points of interest are also recorded and, for certain sports, the storm warning is a useful feature. This one also among best running watches.

It also does not lack the heart rate sensor and offers a range close to eight hours of use in GPS training mode. If the user activates his energy saving mode, this duration can be extended. It is also possible to use the watch to keep track of sleep quality and receive notifications from the mobile phone.

3. Polar M430

Polar M430
The best GPS watches for sports practice

He came to the market taking over the M400 training watch and integrating some notable improvements, such as a wrist-operated heart rate monitor that includes LED lights, and which has proven to be quite accurate in his records. In addition, the battery has a greater capacity, which translates into more hours of use: By activating the heart rate sensor and GPS, its autonomy is very close to the eight hours promised by the manufacturer. This one also among best running watches.

This GPS, which captures the signal very fast, keeps track of the distances traveled and records parameters such as altitude, speed / pace, ascent and descent. In addition, its Back to Start function directs the user to the starting point where he started his training through the shortest distance possible. It also suggests several modes of use that directly influence the autonomy of the watch: a high precision, another medium and a third with energy savings. The least attractive part of the watch is that it does not offer the option to import routes.

It weighs 45 grams, is available in two sizes (S and M / L) and, although its screen does not turn out to be very attractive (it is monochromatic and has a solution of 128 x 128 pixels), it takes advantage of the available space and the shape in which it shows the information. On contact with light, readability is not affected. It can be used with different sports profiles and, in the case of runners, there is a customized training program for 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, half marathon and marathon. Keep a diary of workouts, consult the calories burned in each session or keep track of the hours of sleep are other functions. By synchronizing with the Polar Flow application, a wide range of configuration and monitoring possibilities are opened to monitor the detailed activity.

4. TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Headphones One of Best Running Watches

TomTom Runner 3 Cardio + Music + Headphones
The best GPS watches for sports practice

One of its most outstanding features is the exploration of routes, useful especially for users who ride bicycles, practice trailor they frequently organize trips to the mountain. In this case, it is possible to directly load the routes in the watch and import them not only from the computer, but from the mobile phone through Bluetooth with the TomTom Sports application, one of the platforms to create these routes is Google Maps. Once overturned, the maps are represented by a dashed line that marks the route and a small triangle is responsible for informing where we are. In addition to the location, the GPS provides data related to distance traveled, pace and speed. As a complement to this feature, the manufacturer has included a magnetic compass.

With integrated heart rate monitor, it provides water resistance, personalized training functions and intervals, activity monitor that records the calories consumed and measures the quality of sleep. Its integrated music player has the capacity to store 3 GB of songs, which can be played with the wireless headphones included in the box.

The watch weighs 50 grams and integrates a monochromatic screen of 22 x 25 mm; It is not tactile and is controlled by a square control button to scroll through the different options intuitively. The least we have been convinced is the quality of the strap and its closure system, which does not give us the safety of other models. In clock mode, the autonomy lasts several weeks, but when using the heart rate monitor, the GPS and the music player you have to charge the battery every two or three sessions. This one also among best running watches.


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