Valverde’s Barcelona imposes its law in LaLiga


Since the arrival of the coach, the Blaugrana have only missed the first position of LaLiga in 14 days. Madrid, meanwhile, has only been a leader in six.

Real Madrid had a great opportunity on Sunday to snatch the lead from Barcelona, ​​get two points ahead of the Blaugrana and put more pressure on the top rival in front of Wednesday’s Classic at Camp Nou. However, the agonized draw he got in Mestalla (1-1), with a goal in Benzema’s last sigh after a Courtois header, has left the classification unchanged at the top.

Barcelona continues to lead the championship, tied with Real Madrid, thanks to the ‘goalaverage’: it has more goals in favor than the whites (43 by 33) and the overall difference is also higher (23 by 21). In fact, it is the sixth consecutive day that the Blaugrana team leads the table thanks to this goal advantage with the Zidane team.

The truth is that since Ernesto Valverde landed on the bench of Barcelona, ​​in the summer of 2017, the team has monopolized LaLiga in an almost insulting way. Of the 92 days that have been disputed since then, the Catalan team has added a total of 78 at the top (85%), while the team that is closest to it is Real Madrid, with 6 (6.5% ), which is followed by a Sevilla, with 5 (5.4%). The rest of the leaders have only been for one day: Real Sociedad, Atlético de Madrid, Athletic de Bilbao and Granada. The latter taking advantage of the circumstances of the postponed match between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This season, Real Madrid has been more competitive than in the previous two, when it was only able to lead the championship in one day, with a balance as disastrous as two days of leader of 76 . In this course he has already led the table in four days: first, sixth, seventh and eighth.

Barcelona has only been able to lead it alone on day nine, since in the rest it has shared leadership with Real Madrid, surpassing it by the ‘goal average’. In fact, in the first two seasons of Valverde, he had only let out the first position six times , while in this campaign he has already added nine without leading the table.

In the first year of Valverde, 2017/18, only in the first two days he was not a leader, while in 2018/19, from the fourteenth day, no one took the first place. In any case, the monopoly of Barcelona de Valverde is so unquestionable that it has conquered the last two Leagues and several days in advance.

And in the Champions League it is also intractable, at least in the group stage, where Valverde has managed to lead it in 16 of the 18 days, also managing to classify the team in first position in the three seasons to face the knockout stages.


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