Discover the bacteria that eat oil in depths of sea


Cambridge: On the deepest point of the ocean on the planet Earth, there are bacteria discovered by eating oil ingredients.

Mariana Tranche is a famous place in the Mediterranean location, which has a deep ditch. Its depth is 11 thousand meters or approximately 36 thousand feet, and at the same place experts have discovered strange bacteria.

Cambridge University Professor David Li Smith has discovered this trainch and he insists that according to the information, most of the oil addicts have been found in Bacteria Mariana Khandq compared to the entire planet.

Oil or gas contain both hydrogen and carbon atoms and naturally some of them are consumed by eating almonds. In 2010, such bacteria used to reduce oil flow in Gulf Mexico, which allowed oil to be distributed in simple ingredients.

Now the bacteria of Mariana Tranche have the same characteristics. Scientists looked at the depths of bacterium everywhere, but it could be another problem which is very annoying, twice a dozen meters, four thousand meters and then 6,000 meters deep from the sea level.

According to Nicole Padenchick, another author of the report, since using bacterial oil as a diet, it has shown that the oceans are embedded in oil or its ingredients that are developing such bacteria.

However, it can be another reason for human pollution. It is that in some depths there are some bacteria that are developing similar hydrocarbons with diesel fuel. The ocean has already seen the same thing.

Although the experts have mandated the need for further research in this regard, they believe that bacteria changes itself to eating hydrocarbons to tremble with the intensity of water.


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