Avoid Spamming Techniques (Ultimate Guide in 2018)


In this knowledge base article we’ll discuss how to avoid spamming techniques. When we hear the word spam, do you know what comes to our mind? We think of all those annoying emails with their poorly worded and often obscene messages that clutter your inbox daily and we want to avoid spamming. That’s spam, all right, but there’s another kind of spam that’s directed at search engines. In this knowledge base article, you find out about spam techniques that some websites use to fool or trick the search engines into delivering a higher listing on the SERPs or results page.

2How to discover the types of spam and avoid spamming?

In the following sections, we talk a little about what types of spam there and to avoid spamming are in SEO‐land and what not to do in order to keep your site from getting penalized or even pulled out of the engines by accident. Spam is any attempt to deceive the search engines into ranking a page when it does not deserve to be ranked. In the following sections, we describe spam that is known to be detected and punished by the search engines.

Do not attempt any of the discussed methods, because they will result in your site being branded as a spammer. This knowledge base article is not meant to cover every type of spam out there on the web. It’s just meant to give you the knowledge you need to recognize when a tactic might be venturing down the wrong path. Spammers use other advanced techniques that may also be detectable by the search engines, so avoid any attempt to deceive the search engines.


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