Claudio Bravo and I are not friends nor will we ever be


The Chilean player spoke for the Chilean newspaper ‘El Mercurio’ and reviewed the Barça news.

Arturo Vidal granted an interview with ‘El Mercurio’, a Chilean newspaper where he reviewed Barca news and his personal situation on the roster. The midfielder acknowledged his dissatisfaction with his role in Barcelona and his relationship with Claudio Bravo.

His minutes of play: “I am not happy, I am not happy. All my career I have started and this time it has not touched me. Worse I am calm, I am working to turn it over and win the position. I know it will come.”

State of form of Barcelona: “It is not playing as well as everyone expects. Against Slavia Prague was a complicated game, for example. In LaLiga it cost us much more, the rivals hurt us more. Barcelona is the the best team in the world and when they make you goals match after match, people start talking and the players themselves feel strange because they are used to winning. “

His performances: “I try to help. My mentality is to work hard and analyze my mistakes to improve. I am not happy with my situation, but they are coach decisions.”

Inter interest in signing him: “I lived very nice moments with Antonio Conte. The quality leap I gave was thanks to him. In football the most important thing is trust and when a coach of that prestige gives it to you, you improve a lot.”

His relationship with Bravo: ” Bravo’s wife accused us of partying during the World Cup in Russia and not training because of drunkenness. I didn’t talk to Claudio during the rally in Alicante. I’m quite a man to say things to the face And I told them two years ago, when the comments of their relatives happened. I don’t know if he understood me, because we never talked again. “

More about Bravo: One of the two had to take the first step (talk in Alicante) and it wasn’t me … That’s why I didn’t have problems and each one trained individually. We are not friends and we will never be friends, but the National Team is the most important thing. “

The situation in Chile: “It is impossible not to keep an eye on what is happening in the country. If I had been in Chile, I would have gone out.”


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