Apple 5G getting ready for iPhone with Qualcomm


Apple 5G Getting Ready

The legal process, between the technology giants Apple and Qualcomm, ended on Tuesday. Apple’s 5G supported iPhone for Qualcomm is now almost certain to work with.It’s just a matter of time before Qualcomm accelerates things for Apple, which already produces 5G modems.

The legal war between Apple and Qualcomm ended a few days ago. Technology giants left behind all the disputes between them. In this way, Apple’s now 5G-supported iPhone to produce no obstacles in front of.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple’s only chance to switch to high-speed wireless technology is that it works with Qualcomm. Simply put, Qualcomm’s resources can be called the only company Apple can produce 5G modems.

Intel failed to compete with Qualcomm’s resources

Apple intended to work with Intel for 5G modems until an agreement was made with Qualcomm. However, Intel was unable to compete with Qualcomm’s 5G expertise and resources.

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Tek Qualcomm is the only company Apple can get a 5G modem next year, ın said Gus Richard, analyst at Northland Capital Markets.

5G can hang on iPhone 2021

Apple plans to launch a 5G-powered iPhone next year using Qualcomm’s technology for next year. However, due to the nature of the partnership between the two companies and the limited time, a 5G supported iPhone will probably not be released in 2020. Experts expect Apple to wait for 2020 in any way for the 5G-supported iPhone.


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