The Anfield syndrome of Barcelona


Barçelona accused since the defeat against Liverpool a syndrome that paralyzes him and leaves him at the mercy of the rivals as things get twisted.

Barcelona fell in the Ciutat de València losing its third game of the season (previously lost in Bilbao and Granada) and tied in Pamplona against Osasuna. In all these games the Barcelona team played badly and certain individual errors , especially in defense, were key to explaining the battles , but within the Blaugrana locker room there is a concern that goes beyond the basic concepts that explain a bad game in a timely manner.

In the technical team of Barça they worry about those moments of disconnection, lack of attention or lack of tension that the team suffers in certain games, especially, away from home. A behavior that had its clearest example last season at Anfield, when in the semifinals of the Champions League Barça fell 4-0 after taking a 3-0 lead from Camp Nou. That day, Barça threw the tie in 25 minutes (from 54 to 79 in which he conceded three goals), but the critical moment was the disappearance of the team in two minutes . From 54 to 56 Barça conceded the two goals that matched the tie. The fourth and last one was already a matter of inertia.

That Anfield syndrome continues to weigh like a slab in the players of Barcelona , who at given moments of the game, when things get bad, disappear from the field and miss someone who returns things to their place. Someone who is able to redirect the script. The last example of this syndrome was lived on Saturday before Levante.

Barcelona, ​​without doing anything from the other world, went to rest, winning 0-1 with a penalty goal from Messi, but in the second half, Orriols became Anfield. In seven minutes (those that go from 61 to 68) Barça was swept by Levante, who played a great game, but it is not Liverpool’s Klopp nor far away, which scored three goals . There was no time or spirit to react. A full-fledged Anfield Syndrome.

Something similar happened to Barcelona in El Sadar , when after an unfortunate first half, he managed to turn the game around thanks to Ansu’s entry, but then he let himself go in the final minutes in which Osasuna tied and was a cyclone before a Self-absorbed barça. The same happened at the Eden Arena in Prague before the Slavia, but there Ter Stegen became a hero and avoided the tragedy. Beyond the individual failures, Anfield’s wound continues to bleed and Barça suffers from that unfortunate night a post-traumatic stress that already appears in any field at the moment when things twist. Either Pamplona, ​​Prague, Los Cármenes or Valencia. There is a moment, that all fields are Anfield for those of Valverde.


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