Amazon prepares Smart Watch: capable of recognizing human emotions


1Amazon prepares Smart Watch

Nowadays, a smart watch or bracelet can know how many steps a person takes, the miles he or she goes through, the calories he or she burns, and even how the night has gone by monitoring the sleep. But usually devices of this type are not able to check whether the person wearing them is happy, stressed, sad or angry. There are companies that work to make this possible. Amazon is preparing a voice-activated Smart Watch that can recognize human emotions, Bloombergreported Thursday after reviewing internal documents of the company.

Smart watch would be worn on the wrist and would work with a mobile application, is described in these documents as a health and wellness product. It is not clear at what point this project is or if finally the wearable will be released. This newspaper has contacted the company of Jeff Bezos, who has not made any statement about it.

Smart Watch capable of detecting emotions are common in science fiction: they are present from the stories of Isaac Asimov to more recent films such as Her , Big Hero 6. The Smart Watch described by the US media would have microphones combined with software that can distinguish the emotional state of the user from the sound of his voice, according to the documents and a person familiar with the program. In addition to reading emotions, the device could also advise the user on how to interact more effectively with others.

“What Amazon proposes to detect emotions through the voice I would look at it with a certain skepticism or a certain prudence, in the sense that it can work always and with a very high quality, but certainly not something that can not be do. It is something that is being done and that sooner or later we will see it, “says Roberto Font, head of R & D at Biometric Vox, a Spanish technology company specializing in voice biometrics tools.

This technology could help the company better target advertising or product recommendations. A US patent filed in 2017 and collected by Bloombergdescribes a system that through the analysis of voice patterns is able to find out how a user feels and discern between “joy, anger, grief, sadness, fear, disgust, boredom, stress or other emotional states. ” A diagram in the patent application shows a woman who tells Alexa she is hungry. The digital assistant, realizing by his voice that he has a cold, asks the woman if she would like a recipe for chicken soup. This wearable would be, according to the American media, the result of a collaboration between Lab126, the hardware development group behind the Amazon Fire phone and the Echo smart speaker, and the Alexa voice softwareteam . The code name of the project is Dylan and there would be a beta test program going on although it is not clear if it includes a hardware prototype , emotion detection software or both.



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