Agriculture: Everything You Need to Know about

t is the science in art of farming including the work of cultivating the soil, producing the crops and raising livestock.
It has two main branches

1. Crops

2. Animals

  1. Forestry
    2. Crops
    1. Fisheries
    2. Livestock
    Components of agriculture
    It has four components
    1. Crops 54 %
    2. Livestock 41 %
    3. Fisheries 4.5 %
    4. Forestry .5 %

1. Supply or provide us food and fiber
2. Contributes about 25 % in GDP
3. Agriculture provides raw materials to industries.
4. Agriculture provides 80 % in foreign exchange.
5. 45 % labor force in Pakistan are engaged in agriculture
6. It is backbone of our country.

It is derived from Greek word agro—field Nomo’s –manage—so development and management of
crop and soil sciences to produce abundant high quality food and fibers in a protected
environment. Students who study agronomy are called agronomist.

Causes of low yield in Pakistan
Maize is 70 % less than America and Canada.
Our yield is low because low soil fertility. Our soil is 60 percent deficient in nutrients.

Low yielding varieties.
Poor agronomic practices
Farmers are illiterate
Application of water, harvesting of crops, attacks of insects, diseases, weeds
Non availability of seed.
Non availability of chemicals
Un availability of inputs
Low income
Water logging, salinity
Small land holdings
Lack of agro based industry.
Lack of storage, transport facilities and next one is weak govt policy.
Natural disaster, drought and
In case of KPK rains has not occurred in time

1. Use of high yielding variety
2. Proper tillage practices
3. Prepare seed bed properly
4. Balance fertilizers
5. Proper irrigation
6. Control of pest and diseases, weeds.
7. Proper time sowing
8. Time of harvesting.
9. Proper seed rate
10. Crop rotation-growing of crops one after the other in regular sequence in order to keep in view that fertility of
soil may not disturb.
11. Multiple cropping system

Our lands are so small because of small holdings and because of population we in Pakistan grow more crops in one year.
America grow only one crop in a year called mono cropping


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