How to Adjust Network Proxy Settings in Kali Linux?



In this article we are going to discuss that how we can adjust network proxy settings in Kali Linux. This can be a basic step for penetration testers to regulate community proxy settings in Kali Linux. Users located behind an authenticated or unauthenticated proxy connection must modify bash.bashrc and apt.conf. Both files are located in the /root/etc directory.

export ftp_proxy=”ftp://user:[email protected]:port”

export http_proxy=”http://user:[email protected]:port”

export https_proxy=”https://user:[email protected]:port”

export socks_proxy=”https://user:[email protected]:port”

Following screenshot reveals that how you can edit that file:

Further issues to do

Replace proxyIP and port with your proxy IP address and port number respectively, and replace the username and password with your authentication username and password. If there’s no need to authenticate, write only the part following the @ symbol. In the same directory, create the apt.conf file and enter the following command lines, as shown in the following screenshot:

adjust network proxy settings in Kali Linux



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