5G Launched: Vertiginous Downloads and Many Improvements


2Improvement in video games (5G Launched)

With 5G launched, the latency or response time will be reduced up to five milliseconds, which will allow a noticeable improvement in online video games Latency is the time it takes for a device to execute an order since the signal is sent to it. The lower, the faster the reaction of the device that we operate from a distance.

5G launched
Speed ​​test of the Vodafone 5G network at Puerta del Sol (Madrid). KIKE FOR ( 5G launched )

For users of video games it is essential to have a good connection when participating in live tournaments and to chat among them simultaneously. Above all, taking into account that in titles such as Clash Royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Brawl Stars every second can be decisive. “With a network with a very high latency, someone may shoot you and you will not find out until five seconds later,” says Joaquín López Benavente, optimization engineer.

This newspaper has tested the car game Hunting the horizon . The response time in this case has been immediate. However, the experience has also been positive when playing in connection with the 4G network. Sometimes it gives the feeling that the game takes a little time to load, but it is barely noticeable. “Today’s games should work well with 4G. But tomorrow someone will invent a game for which 5G will be needed because the latency requirements will be more demanding, “says De Miguel.

Hunting the horizon is a game of Hatch, a Finnish cloud games platform for 5G networks with which Vodafone has signed an exclusive agreement. This alliance will allow users to play instantly, without downloads or announcements that interrupt the game. The Hatch catalog currently includes more than 160 games on the mobile. Among the featured titles available in the premium version are Space Invaders, Sonic The Hedgehog, Monument Valley, Hitman GO or Angry Birds.

The impact that 5G promises in video games and the high download speed have already attracted the attention of some users. There are customers who have approached the Vodafone store in Puerta del Sol in the last week to ask about the models compatible with the 5G network, according to their workers. In the coming weeks, the company plans to carry out demonstrations in this store showing what benefits are opened with this new technology.



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