5G Launched: Vertiginous Downloads and Many Improvements


15G Launched

Let’s talk about whether 5G Launched or not? Vodafone begins to offer this Saturday the new technology in 15 cities in Spain. Madrid is one of the 15 Spanish cities chosen by Vodafone to launch this Saturday its first commercial ultrafast connection service, the 5G . Between tourists photographing themselves next to the statue of the bear and the madroño and people disguised as Mario Bros, Chucky or Bart Simpson trying to get their attention, EL PAÍS has seen in Puerta del Sol what possibilities open up with this new technology. The tests have been made with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G and the LG V50 ThinQ5G. These terminals are, along with the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the three smartphones compatible with the new network of the operator. Read about Notre Dame Fire here.

5G launched
Speed ​​test of a Xiaomi ‘smartphone’ connected to the 4G network (left) and 5G (right) – 5G launched

In the upper right part of the screen of these phones it is indicated that they are connected to the 5G network. The connections are 10 times faster than the current 4G, but in the future speeds will be reached 250 times higher. When doing a speed test with both networks, the difference is remarkable. When Xiaomi smartphone connects to 5G, it reaches 840 megabits per second. By forcing the phone to connect to the 4G network, it only reaches 90 megabits per second. This difference is especially noticeable when downloading large files. For example, movies from platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. To verify this, the Asterix film in America has been chosen in this last platform and has been downloaded in two phones at the same time -one with 4G and another with 5G-. The smartphone connected to the 5G only takes between 8 and 10 seconds. Just when it finishes, the download in the other terminal only goes by 7%. Finally, it takes more than two minutes.

However, the difference is insignificant when viewing the contents in streamingon the same platforms. This is due, according to both experts, to the companies already have very efficient systems to give a good experience to the user with 4G and avoid stopping the video. Neither is seen on Twitch, the platform of streaming par excellence for gamers. This newspaper has opened in two telephones connected to the 4G and 5G networks the retransmission of a game of Fortnite. In both devices you can see synchronized how a woman runs and builds wooden structures with an ax. On YouTube, when viewing a video with 8K quality in which landscapes and customs of Bulgaria are shown, charging is practically immediate, although only slightly faster than that of a mobile connected to a 4G network.

The download of applications, in general, is also very fast. It only takes between one and three seconds to download from the Play Store apps like Office, LinkedIn or Waze. Updating applications like Instagram or Facebook is practically immediate. When making a video call with WhatsApp, the image looks slightly pixelated. Juan de Miguel, responsible for Vodafone network optimization, points out that this has nothing to do with the 5G network, but with the companies adapting the apps to the users: “It is the application itself that has to be adapted to the [download] ratios. From now on, they will have to make the appropriate adaptations so that if you have 5G, you get the video ratio that you can best handle. ” Although the new network allows downloads at a dizzying speed, the difference is not so abysmal when it comes to uploading files to the cloud. For example, to platforms such as Google Drive. De Miguel argues that you will never have a higher upload speed than you have with the 4G network, but using one network or another does not really make a difference. In addition, the applications themselves also limit the sending of large files in some cases. Gmail, say, does not allow sending a file larger than 25 megabytes.

5G launched
The president of Vodafone Spain, Antonio Coimbra, during the presentation, on Monday, of the 5G services of the company in Spain. PACO CAMPOS EFE – 5G launched

The speed of 5G connections varies in different places. While in the middle of Puerta del Sol over 800 megabits per second is exceeded, when entering the Vodafone store, uploading a plant and doing the same test reaches approximately 500. The band deployed by Vodafone has less penetration indoors. The 5G is compatible with the 4G, so the terminal automatically switches from one technology to another, appearing the symbol of one or the other in the upper right corner of the screen. In some points, both in Puerta del Sol and in the store, the connection changes to 4G. In addition, these first launches are made with the Non Stand Alone standard , which uses part of the 4G infrastructure combined with new 5G antennas. As of 2021 it will be when the new generation begins to operate at full capacity, and until 2025 it will be operational in the largest populations.



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